An Alternative to the Factory Farm

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About Us

Cover Crop Ranch is a network of farms in Michigan and Ohio using the sustainable farming practices of no till, cover crop and mob grazing to produce meat that is raised in the most natural evolutionary way possible today.

The Farmer

The Farmer
Jeff Rasawehr

The Chef

The Chef
Aaron Cozadd
(Photo Credit: Joe Vaughn)

The Butcher

The Butcher
Gino Baratta

Our Mission

Our Mission is to effect positive change in an incomplete system of factory farming.  We believe that cover crop farming is the future of sustainable agriculture and that the method itself provides a replacement for chemicals and fertilizers, prevents problems such as runoff from farmland and desertification, repairs the ecosystem both above and below the soil and also happens to provide a wealth of all natural livestock feed that grazing animals actually evolved to eat.


Our animals graze on a poly-culture of radish tops, sweet peas, grasses, greens and herbs. This produces meat with more flavor and higher nutrient density than its grass-fed predecessors.

Just like us an animals diet accounts for at least 80% of it’s body composition. When fed their natural diet animals thrive, they produce lean meat with healthy fats. Our beef is higher in Omega 3 and CLA than anything we have found on the market today.

Finally we feel that a system built on proper land stewardship and ethical animal husbandry is possible. That the only healthy system is a system in balance and that striking this balance requires attention to the interconnectedness inherent in all organic matter. That our physical and mental condition is a direct result of the environment we live in and that this environment is one we help create every day.

Give us a try, taste the nutrition and thrive with us!